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Paula G.
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Meow goes the kitty!

It is through your mistakes that you will grow, so embrace them, don't just cast them aside, learn from them.

Hi, my name is Paula and I like puppies and panda bears.

I like nice people, so don't be a twunt. :)
The title is a lie. There aren't 100 questions.

First journal entry of 2015 though! Yippee this should be fun!  The last quarter of 2014 put me through the fecking ringer. :(

001: Real name: Paula
002. Nickname: Pokie, P-Sass, Pookie, Muffin
003. Zodiac sign: Libra
004. Male or female: I identify as female.
005. Nursery: Myrtle Farm Montessori
006. Primary school: Tabernacle Christian School
007. Secondary school: A teeny Catholic high school for the first two years and then independent study for the remaining two.
008. Hair colour: It's back to chocolate brown
009. Long or short: Long
010. Loud or quiet: Ambivert. :)
011. Sweats or jeans: jeggings?
012. Phone or camera: Camera phone! :D
013. Health freak: Yes...except for Saturdays. :P
014. Drink or smoke: Occasional smoker when inebriated. :O
015. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes
016. Political orientation: I prefer not to discuss that here. :)
017. Piercings: two piercings per ear
018. Tattoos: one

019. Airplane: yes
020. Car accident: yes
021. Fist fight: sadly, yes.

022. First piercing: In the ears when I was baby =P (Razz)
023. First best friend: in kindergarten
024. First instrument played: piano
025: First award: Perfect attendance in pre-school/kindergarden?
026. First crush: First grade. :)
027. First language: English
028. First big vacation: Lake Tahoe? Or was it to Connecticut? I don't remember.

029. Last person you talked to: Mom
030. Last person you texted: new boy ;)
031. Last person you watched: em...
032. Last food you ate: I had a couple blue corn tortilla chips just now....
033. Last movie you watched: Love Actually
034. Last song you listened to: Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony.  Don't you dare judge me it is so catchy and I need to play it at least 20 times to get it out of my system!
035. Last thing you bought: dinner?
036. Last person you hugged. Zumba students. :)

037. Food: EVERYTHING.  I love everything....pasta, sushi, you name it.
038. Drinks: tea. Tea is love and tea is life.
039. Clothes: lately flannel shirts and slouchy sweaters.
040. Book: Too many.
041. Colour: black (I know it's technically NOT a color), beige, pink, oxblood
042. Flower: Dahlia, sunflowers
043. Music: EDM, dubstep, chillstep, post-garage, nu-disco, pop, classical, opera.  Basically, if it's not screamo I'll listen to it.
044. Movie: My Neighbor Totoro, Love Actually, Space Jam (that's right I said it!)
045. Subject: chemistry, math, art, drama

046. Kissed in the rain [ ]
047. Celebrated Halloween [x]
048. Had your heart broken [x] 
049. Counted the minutes on your phone: [ ] 
050. Someone questioned your sexual orientation: [ ] 
051. Weapons: [ ] 
052. Breathed fire: [ ]
053. Had an abortion: [ ]
054. Done something you regret [x]
055. Broke a promise: [x]
056. Kept a secret: [x]
057. Pretended to be happy: [x] 
058. Met someone who changed your life: [/]
059. Pretended to be sick: [x]
060. Left the country [x]
061. Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it: [ ]
062. Cried over the silliest thing: [x]
063. Ran a mile: [x] 
064. Went to the beach: [x] 
065. Stayed single: [ ] 

066. Eating: nothing atm
067. Drinking: tea
068. Getting ready: to stop procrastinating and finish up working...yes. :(
069. Listening to: the sound of my typing
070. Plans for tomorrow: work, clients meetings, it the weekend yet?
071. Waiting for: Saturday!

072. Want kids: One would be nice
073. Get married: yes
074. Careers in mind: advancing a bit more in the advertising/marketing field

075. Lips or eyes: eyes
076. Short or tall: Tall please
077. Romantic or spontaneous: both
078. Nice stomach or nice arms:aaaah both
079. Sensitive or loud: hmmm maybe sensitive?
080. Hook-up or relationship: relationship please
081. Troublemaker or hesitant: can we have a bit of both?

082. Lost glasses: yes
083. Ran away from home: tried to and failed!
084. Held a weapon, for self defence: yes
085. Killed someone: No!
086. Broken someone's heart: I may have at some point?
087. Been arrested: No

088. Yourself: for the most part
089. Miracles: yes
090. Love at first sight: eh..
091. Heaven: yes
092. Santa Claus: hahaha
093. Magic: yes

094. Is there one person you want to be with, right now: yes
095. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: yes
096. Are you happy with the person you're with: currently not officially with anyone

097. Post as 100 truths and tag five people: None, you can do it by copying+pasting the questions from here.

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